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California Home

California Home

You set a certain budget for your house hunt — and you can’t go a penny over it. But what if you want to expand your search a wee bit beyond a specific neighborhood? We decided to play the comparison game by exploring what you can buy for a certain dollar value in various California

4/9/2020 3:05:54 PM

Just three months ago, if you heard the term “social distancing,” you might think it meant avoiding an annoying person at a party. But now, it plays a huge role in our daily lives and is leading some real estate buyers and sellers to question if it’s even possible to move forward with their plans.

4/3/2020 1:51:32 PM

For 150 years, the Lake Tahoe region has lured generations of adventurers, artists, and pioneers to its shores. They’re drawn to the area for a number of reasons — ranging from the magnificent mountain landscape of the Sierras to the intense beauty of the crystal-blue alpine lake and the myriad of premier golf courses within

3/30/2020 2:52:47 PM

How far does an entry-level budget of $1.2 million take you in San Rafael? We explore in the latest installment of "Cali Comparables."

3/6/2020 5:12:41 PM

The luxury amenities of this Italian Renaissance-style estate in San Mateo are ideal for entertaining guests for big sporting events or for small, intimate gatherings. Designed by renowned Italian architect Peter D. Canali and set within the Baywood neighborhood, this home offers approximately 4,800 square feet, a grand reception space, a banquet-sized dining room and chef’s kitchen.

3/2/2020 3:12:49 PM